Felony/Misdemeanor: The lawyers of Burkett & Sanderson are experienced in defending both felony and misdemeanor prosecutions. We have zealously represented clients in both the Common Pleas and Municipal courts of Ohio for many years. Whether the case is a misdemeanor – punishable by year or less in jail – or a felony offense, carrying the potential of a prison sentence, our attorneys have worked effectively to protect the rights of our clients time and time again. You can rest assured that you will be represented fully regardless of the seriousness of the charge you are facing. Our trial experience includes theft cases, DV or domestic violence cases, drug offenses and trafficking cases. We represent defendants charged with receiving stolen property (RSP), sex offenses including rape, murder and defendants facing the revocation of their probation, parole, community control or post-release control. We have learned the skills and techniques you need to protect yourself and defend your case.

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